Qualified and ready to help

We take the necessary steps to isolate the issues with your bike from the moment it rolls in the shop. We diagnose and repair as needed choosing not to rely on a confusing selection of tune-ups. You can depend on our service staff to be the most knowledgeable experts in their field with access to the latest methods and tools to tackle your unique repair. While the bike industry is always changing there is one thing you can rely on; excellent service at University Bikes.

 Questions? Feel free to come in, call us at  (303)444-4196 or Email us 

We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest industry standards and training.

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Rest easy with our professional bike boxing and un-boxing.

Need to ship a bike?

Riding a bike in and around Boulder is an amazing experience. Whether it’s road riding, mountain biking or commuting around town, Boulder is the place to enjoy yourself on two wheels. University Bicycles is prepared to receive and build your bicycle.

Please Email us or better yet, give us a call (303)444-4196 and let us help you travel with your bike. And once you arrive, we can show you all the incredible places there are to ride.

How much will it cost to ship my bike?

We charge $80 to box, then $150 to ship standard bikes (Fat bikes are $220) anywhere in the Continental United States. This includes a declared value up to $2000, additional value can be declared at a rate of $10 for every $1000 in value. We will ship your bike using Fedex can will provide a tracking number if needed.

Can you box my bike?

We do a great job when we box bikes for our customers. The price is $80 and includes the box. We often have free boxes availible behind the store in our alley. Or we will sell you a new one for $30

How big is the box?

We use two boxes they measure 54 x 8 x 29 and 56 x 10 x 33

Can I ship my bike to you?

Yes. Please follow the steps below if you want to ship your bike to our location in Boulder, CO.

  1. Call University Bicycles at (303) 444-4196 to set up a Work Order
  2. Write your last name on the outside of the box
  3. Ship your bike to:
    University Bicycles
    839 Pearl St.
    Boulder, CO 80302
  4. We charge $50 to assemble each bike. This will be done before close the day after we receive your bike.

Will you mark my fit location?

Yes. We will make sure your saddle height and bar position can easily be replicated.

How long ahead do I need to plan?

We can box and ship your bike the following day after you bring it in.

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What Types of bikes will this bag fit?

The Evoc Pro Bag will fit one triathlon, road bike, XC, DH, FR, or enduro bike.

How big is the bag?

The bag mesuments are: 139 x 36 x 80 cm

Will UBikes pack my bike in the bag?

Yes. We charge $70 to bag bikes.

Going on a trip?

Not only can we box and ship your bike, but if you’re going on a cycling trip sometimes it is nice to have a more flexible option for bike storage. We offer the EVOC PRO bike case for rent. This bag is more versatile for unpacking and repacking of a bike for a round trip vacation.

Bike Bag Rental 24-Hour Weekly
EVOC PRO $10 $70

Fill out forum below to reserve a bag rental

Full Name
Beginning Date
Ending Date