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Bike Fit Services

Retül Bike Fit

Our Retul fit package goes much more in-depth and is the perfect option for people looking to be as comfortable and efficient on their bike as possible. 

A Retul fit includes everything in the basic fit, plus:

- Comprehensive pre-fit assessment of physical ranges of motion
- Advanced 3D motion captures to inform all adjustments down to the millimeter
- In-depth review & adjustment of bike and riding gear including saddle selection, footbeds, shoe wedges, crank length, stance width, and cleat positioning
- Follow-up appointment 2-4 weeks after initial fit to make sure everything feels good

Total Time: 2-4hrs
Pricing: $400

Basic Bike Fit

This is a great option to make sure the essentials are dialed in.

A basic bike fit includes:

- Bike measurements before and after using Retul ZIN
- Basic pre-fit interview and assessments

- Saddle & footbed selection based on assessments

- Analog bike adjustments - seat height, saddle fore/aft, handlebar width, handlebar rotation, and brake hood positioning

- Final fit report summarizing session

Total Time 1-1.5hrs
Pricing: $150