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About Us


University Bicycles began in 1983 as the pet project of 24-year-old Doug Emerson. A CU Boulder student at the time and working at a local bike shop, Doug began fixing old bikes in his free time to rent and sell affordably to fellow college students. The project took off and quickly Doug opened a shop out of his landlord’s carriage house. He called it “University Bicycles.” Two years later, on March 1st, 1985, Doug moved the operation to a small basement retail space on West Pearl Street. In less than a year, University Bicycles outgrew its basement abode, so Doug and his two employees rolled bikes, stands, tools and merchandise down the street to where we reside today. 

We couldn’t be luckier to be a bike shop nestled among some of the country’s premier cycling terrain. Boulder, Colorado is home to world class road climbs, singletrack out our backdoor, gravel roads stretching to our borders, and a web of bike paths leading all the way to Denver. On our red brick corner of 9th and Pearl, we always have time to answer your questions or help you plan your next ride. We’ll pump up your tires and lube your chain for free, and our full service shop is here to keep your bike in tip-top condition. Whether it’s picking out a new bike or making the one you’ve got ready for a group ride, bikepacking trip, or your winter commute, we delight in helping our community get out on the road and trail.

We welcome people of all identities, color,  race, gender, religion and ability. No matter who you are, how much you bike, or how much bike knowledge you come with, we are a safe and welcoming space and we want to serve you. Stop by and say hello sometime!

Doug Emerson 1983

University Bicycles in the 90s