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We accept the Colorado E-Bike Tax Credit!


Gaining popularity within the past few years, E-bikes have brought new opportunities to riders of all types.  University Bicycles is a strong proponent of E-bikes and we keep great inventory on E-Bikes and parts to keep them rolling.  

Despite their booming popularity, there are still rules and regulations in place that determine where and what types of bikes are allowed.

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Class 1

Class 1 E-bikes are pedal assist bikes that will only provide power when you are turning the pedals.  Under factory settings, the motor will stop providing assistance after you reach 20 MPH. 

Class 2

Class 2 E-bikes have the ability to propel the bike without using the pedals.  They have a 20 MPH restriction. 

University Bicycles does not sell Class 2 E-bikes. 

Boulder County. 

Often called a 'Cycling Mecca' Boulder County is home to great trails and an endless amount of road and gravel riding.  Despite an incredible number of cyclists in the County, Boulder does have more restrictions regarding E-bikes than neighboring Jefferson County. 

Please see the trail list and map below detailing which trails are permitted for E-bikes. 

E-bikes Allowed

Class 1 and 2

Coal Creek Trail

LoBo Trail (Except Cottonwood and Cottontail

Rock Creek Trail

US 36 Bikeway

Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm

Harney Lastoka

Lagerman Agricultural Preserve

Legion Park

 Meadowlark Trail (between Coalton Trailhead & Coal Creek Drive)

Niwot Trails

Pella Crossing

Twin Lakes

Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat

E-bikes Prohibited

Boulder Canyon Trail

Coalton Trail

Mayhoffer Singletree Trail (north of Coal Creek Drive)

Anne U. White

  • Bald Mountain Scenic Area
  • Betasso Preserve
  •  Caribou Ranch
  • Hall Ranch
  • Heil Valley Ranch
  • Mud Lake
  • Ron Stewart Preserve at Rabbit Mountain
  • Walker Ranch

Jefferson County

The gateway to the Rockies.  Jeffco (Jefferson county) has a substantial mountain bike community and houses several prominent brands such as Yeti and Feedback.  Jeffco has enacted a permanent policy allowing E-bikes on all Jeffco Open Space Trails. 

Class 1 e-bikes are allowed on natural surface trails within the parks

Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes are allowed on paved trails within the parks