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A Guide to Shopping for Every Cyclist in Your Life

Gabrielle Porter & Mia Huth - December 2021

The following selections are for a rider who may already have a LOT of gear. These are pieces that have excited us this year and have us replacing our personal set-up. For more gift ideas, check out our Holiday Gift Guide, which is full of our staff's favorite gift recommendations, useful for the holidays or any time of year!



Stan’s Darts are the easiest and most effective way to plug a large hole in a trail tire, so they’re perfect for mountain bikers riding tubeless. Not only does a repair with a Stan’s Dart keep the bike rolling in the moment, it can also save the tire and allow longevity on an expensive trail tire— (good for the Earth and the wallet!).

Stan’s Darts are designed to plug holes larger that 5mm in any tubeless tire, so they’re great to carry for mountain, road, and gravel rides. The tool can be refilled with more "darts" (plugs) so don't forget the refills!


Most of us are familiar with hydration hoses flopping around on rides. They unclip or the tiny magnet is simply not up for the job. Thule has solved the problem by extending a magnet sleeve along the length of both the hose and hip belt. This makes for a lot of magnetic pull to guide the hose back into place and keep it there until needed.

This design is unique to the Thule Rail hip pack 4L, which comes with a 1.5L bladder. What all of Thule’s hip packs have in common is a hyper comfortable fit and smartly placed pockets to stash everything. Impeccable fit combined with Thule’s detail oriented designs makes for one of the most innovative hip packs on the market.


The do-it-all Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch functions far beyond the numbers of a ride. Like any high-end cycling computer, the Fenix 6 offers speed, distance, elevation, and the ability to follow uploaded courses. Unlike a bike computer, however, the Garmin Fenix 6 naturally transitions to skiing, running, swimming, climbing, the gym, or anywhere you want to go (it even can download golf courses and be a wrist sized caddy).

With weeks of battery life (yes, WEEKS), the Fenix 6 can be used as a regular watch at your office job, and you’ll be ready for an adventure whenever you decide to press START. 


These days there are a plethora of straps, bags, and gizmos to choose from for a flat kit. We happen to think Occam's is phenomenal. Don't let the low profile design mislead you, this accessory looks simple but boasts a wealth of options for use. Thanks to the open-ended design, gloves or a small wind shell can be stuffed into the bundle along with a full flat kit. Plus, the Apex Strap doesn't just hug the frame, once the Boa is fully engaged, it does not budge.

Did we mention that it is handmade in Denver (buy local, folks!) and it comes in a slew of colors? 






We gush about Oveja Negra bike bags a lot. Simply put: they are a staple for any gravel rider of any age. Carry jackets, snacks, tools, fishing equipment, or anything that can be stuffed in.

The company is funky, fun, and local—out of Salida, Colorado. Their products are well made, well designed, and in signature colorful WACK or classic black.  


Spurcycle bells sound as nice as they look, which is to say, wonderful! These bells are sleek and fit-in on bars of any caliber bike. Those reticent to put a dorky bell on their bike jump at the opportunity to mount this lovely "bike jewelry". Especially nice for gravel riders who frequent busy paths and trails, Spurcycle’s resonant ring gives pedestrians a heads-up well in advance. Built right here in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to last a lifetime, they are gifts that will keep on ring-ding-o-ling-dinging for years to come.


Longer gravel rides have become  popular along with races. A traditional mountain bike hydration pack is too much heft for what gravel grinders seek and yet their bikes cannot carry enough water for remote adventures or performance focused full days.

Trail running vests are prolific in the sub-niche of gravel riding as a perfect solution to keep pedaling without a refill spot. A pack doubles the water on a ride and offers extra space for snacks or layer.


Even the most experienced riders hit the deck at some point, and take it from us, gravel in the palms and/or knuckles is no fun. Choose from super airy summer-weight (because long-fingered gloves are not just for winter) to heavier materials to wear in shoulder seasons. 

An added bonus is the sun protection for fingers and hands that spend hours in the sun, offered up on the silver platter of handlebars for delectable consumption by UVA and UVB.






Everyone is talking about them so we will not drone, but the need-to-knows are:

1) Today's trail pants are super comfortable and companies have finally designed trail pants that fit women well, too.

2) Wearing a pant keeps your skin safe from scratches and acts as a barrier for wrecks.

3) Trail pants provide some warmth and cut wind but can still be worn during the sunny shoulder seasons. 

4) They look good on the mountain and at the brewery after.


A beautiful pair of gloves and socks is a classy accent to any cyclist's attire. Made in Italy, Velocio socks look so good that they’re worthy of a night out as much as they are worthy of the longest days in the saddle. Velocio’s finely crafted gloves fit wonderfully and the earthy accent colors compliment almost anything. They’re a little splurge that will be loved for years to come, so treat your loved one (or yourself) to a classy pair of gloves and socks! 


Folks, if there is someone you love whose helmet has divots, cracks, or is 7+ years old then do them a favor and gift a new one.

A lot of people stretch out the life of a helmet well past the helmet’s ability to protect the brain. And although the material sustainability and financial frugality is valiant, take it from us, DO NOT STRETCH OUT THE LIFE OF A HELMET. That condom that has been in your wallet since Prom is not reliable, and neither is that helmet from the 90's, 00's, or even most 10's.


One of the most valuable accessories a cyclist can own, a vest is a year-round staple here in Colorado, a state with highly variable weather. For rides that start cool or end after the sun drops behind the mountains, vests offer a surprising amount of core warmth, which can also be key to getting home in emergency situations. On the colder days, a vest layers nicely under a jacket for extra insulation and it will disappear into a pocket when the things heat up. Every cyclist needs one of these, they just might not know it yet. 






Tiny and packed with carbs, gels and gel-like nutrition make a great stocking stuffer for the endurance athlete in your life. Highlights from our gel-like lineup include Spring Sports Nutrition Gels blended from real foods like rice, nuts and fruit; as well as GU Liquid Energy Gel which adds an extra shot of thirst quenching hydration to their traditional gel formula.

Spring Sports Nutrition Gels

GU Liquid Energy Gel

Stuff That Stocking With Gels


Specifically formulated to provide quick, easily digestible energy without melting in your pocket, chews are a delicious way to intake calories during exercise. Check out shop favorites below:

Skratch Sport Energy Chews ALL taste AMAZING!

Honey Stinger Taste Like Honey - Yum!

Clif Shot Bloks - Gotta Try Ginger Ale!

Chews Instead of Chocolates


Hydration mixes in a bike bottle are a must. They are the easiest way to ensure your body is intaking salts and sugars throughout a ride.

From everyday to mid-ride to post workout recovery, there is a blend to get the most out of your water. Skratch Sport Hydration Mix comes highly recommended for its specific and carefully measured ingredients packed into outstanding flavors. (Skratch Sport Recover Mix is chocolate milk 2.0!)

Drink Up!


The most classic of all sports snacks, bars are the closest to real food of the bunch and are great for desk drawers, long drives and cycling. 

Luckily these days we are far from the dense, dry protein bars of yore. With a plethora of savory, sweet, small, and multi serving options, there is a flavor for every rider.

Not Ye Olde Jaw Breaking Protien Bars