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Holiday Gift Guide

Stumped on gift ideas? We polled the pros. Check out favorite gift recommendations from the staff at University Bicycles.

Pearl Izumi AmFib Winter Gloves

Fingers are the fist thing to go when you're cold, relays Kaley, "and that's miserable and pretty dangerous actually." Winter gloves allow someone to ride through winter whether commuting or joy-riding. Finding a good pair that keep you comfortable and let you brake is critical, plus they are a classic holiday gift for anyone with a bike. 

Cold Weather Gloves

"Because you're worth it", says Will. AXS electronic shifting is just so nice. When tired or cold, physically shifting is made very easy, paired with the pure pleasure of incredibly crisp gear changes, AXS is an upgrade that may seem opulent but once you try it, there is no doubt it's heaven. 

Plus "it looks so good and all your friends will be jealous. Which is really always the goal," Will attests with a sarcastic but slightly honest smile. 

AXS Upgrade

Bike Cleaning Kit

"A clean bike is a happy bike!" Tyler is on a mission to encourage everyone to keep their bike clean so that it looks and works real good! The best and easiest way to elongate the life of a bike and its drive chain is to keep it clean and well oiled. 

Biodegradable Bike Cleaner

Chain Oil (Winter Dry Lubricant)

Cassette Cleaning Brush

Cyclone Chain Cleaner 

Plant Based Degreaser


CushCore has taken mountain biking by storm. The springy insert goes between the tire and rim of a wheel and is designed to let the rider ride as aggressively as possible without damaging their rims. "It's a must if you want to ride at a low PSI like I do," said Alek. Low tire pressure makes for more traction and more fun on the trail, so we agree. 

CushCore is essentially a requirement for e-mountain bikes because the increased weight of an e-bike lends itself to dented rims and out of true wheels. Alek recommends CuchCore for all mountain riding but especially for  enduro bikes or for folks who like to get rowdy. 


"Nobody likes being soggy. I hate it." Is what Erin said immediately when she let us know her gift choice was going to be something that helps keep people dry. 

She contemplated a rain jacket but decided to go with a fender that can be clipped on and off. "It can go on any bike so you only need one and when it's not raining you take it off." It can even go on performance bikes outside of a commute if someone still wants to get out on a rainy day and not have dirt and water slicked up in a rooster tail on their back.  

Clip Fender

Oveja Negra's 925 Handle Bar Bag

Locke loves supporting local and small, he also has a propensity for the funky, fun, and hip so an Oveja Negra bag is a natural choice. He chose the 925 handle bar bag for its versatility from commuting to  long rides, picnics, and even bike packing.  

The WAK PACKs from Oveja are all unique with varied patterns and colors which makes them incredibly fun gifts. Trust Locke and us, every single cyclist will find the 925 a fun and useful gift whether they use it every ride or just once in awhile, it's a special piece. 

Oveja Negra's 925 Handle Bar bag

MTB Trail Pant

A mountain bike specific trail pant can be a strong motivator to get out on a bike when it's cold. Choose from a variety of insulation levels to provide protection from scrapes and snags year-round or warmth into the dead of winter. 

All are designed with a tapered leg that doesn't get caught in a chainring, and an adjustable waistband so they stay up regardless of how shreddy the terrain. Elliotte recommends trail pants because they offer just enough wind protection to keep out the chill and enough breathability to be able to regulate body temperature when things heat up. She loves that a trail pant also helps protect skin from scrapes and thorns while adding to style points. 

MTB Trail Pants

OneUp Platform Pedals

The whole shop covets the sharp colors of OneUp's platform (flat) pedals, particularly the incredibly cool Oil Slick option. Noah loves and recommends these pedals not only because of the fun colors, which make everything better, but also for their distinct durability. 

The uniquely designed platform is engineered for optimal flat pedal efficiency. They're wide and super flat to eliminate hot spots underfoot, and the spindle has better bearings than most flat pedals translating to very low rotational resistance. High quality bearings on a pedal are an often overlooked detail that can contribute greatly to comfort and fun while riding. 

OneUp Platform Pedals

Stainless Steel Bivo Bottles

The brilliantly designed stainless steel bottles from Bivo solve all of the problems of a traditional bike bottle. No more plastic flavored water, no lingering drink mix days after it has been cleaned, no more filling up the landfill with plastic. Rest assured that the flow rate is FAST (like can't drink fast enough to keep up with it kind of fast) and they're easy to clean. Their innovative design and beautiful colors are what make them a great gift, says Laurel. 

NiteRider Lumina 900 & Sabre 110 with Helmet Mount

The NiteRider Lumina 900 front light and Sabre 110 rear are a mean combination for bike adventures in the dark. Designed for all kinds of riding, Dan specifically recommends this duo for night mountain bike rides. Yes, you read that correctly—Dan recommends a taillight for mountain biking. "We often think that taillights are exclusively for riding in traffic, but it is really nice to see where your riding partner is on the trail," Dan explains. "The red light makes it easy to orient yourself to your partner's location when  headlamps  sometimes throw you off. If you are riding close enough, the 110 lumen Sabre tail light is even powerful enough to illuminate the trail for the person behind." NiteRider's Lumina 900 front light boasts serious illumination power, too. "It's like a small floodlight on your bike," says Dan. All that brightness comes in a compact size and is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for an impressive 11 hours. Dan's pro tip: Get the helmet mount so you can see where you want to go, not just in the direction your bars are turned.

NiteRider Lumina 900/Sabre 110 Combo

NiteRider Lumina Helmet Mount

Kid's Bicycle

Take it from the person who builds our bikes, buying a quality bicycle for your children or grandchildren is a worthwhile investment. "Starting your kids off on a high quality bike helps foster a lifelong love of bicycling," says Katie. "They'll have a good experience without all of the problems of a department store bike." We all remember our first two-wheeler—many of us long for the carefree days of riding through the neighborhoods on our 20-inch banana seat mini cruiser with coaster brakes. Wasn't that glorious? Give the feeling of freedom and adventure to the kiddos in your life. They'll never forget it. 

Crank Brothers M-13 Multi-Tool

If your loved one who rides a bike doesn't have a multi-tool, they need one. We've got $10 multi-tools and $40 multi-tools, and they're all good because we stock what we like to use ourselves. The multi-tool that Bill is holding is a Crank Brothers M-13. Equipped with nearly every tool you could need on a ride, the M-13 has helped many a cyclist keep rolling rather than put a thumb out for a ride home. It even has a removable compartment for storing tubeless tire plugs and a spare chain link. Bill recommends carrying a tool on every ride in case something goes awry on your own bike, but also to help a friend in need. There almost couldn't be a more essential stocking stuffer. 

Crank Brothers M-13

Multi-Tools Galore

Cannondale Treadwell

"We have a lot of cool bikes in the shop, but to be perfectly honest, the Cannondale Treadwell is one of my favorites," says Mia. "It's the bike that makes you feel like a kid again." Not only is the Treadwell a blast to ride, it's also straightforward with an accommodating design. It's got riser handlebars, and wide comfortable seat, a single front chainring so you'll never drop your chain, and there is even a step-through version. Buying a bike sight unseen can be a scary prospect ("what if they don't like it?!"), but you're in the safe zone with the Cannondale Treadwell. It's so enjoyable that you might circle back and buy one for yourself too. 

Bike Fit

Max wants everyone to know that a bike fit is the first and most effective upgrade that a person can make to their bike. "Bikes are expensive, and it is worth investing just a little more in how your body fits on the bike." Nobody should have to deal with neck or wrist pain. And if you are riding for performance, a lot of power can be gained by optimizing your fit. "We spend so much time in one position on a bike that little changes can have a big effect on your riding experience."

We offer fit services for $300. If the person you are buying a fit for purchased their bike at University Bicycles, the fit is only $200. The best way to give someone a fit is to buy them a gift card and add a note for us to include. Give someone the BEST upgrade this year. 

King Cage Many Things Cage

Roy is back with a gift recommendation of a different ilk. The Many Things Cage from King Cage is an indestructible holder of, well, a lotta stuff. Will it fit a fuel bottle, you ask? You betcha. Nalgene bottle? Easily. Dry bag? We thought you'd never ask. Two person tent with poles? Now we're talking! Roy can attest that this smartly bent piece of titanium is one of the best additions one can make to an adventure rig. He uses the Many Things cage for all sorts stuff while bikepacking and commuting to work. "It's a completely open-ended design that gives you loads of flexibility!" The Many Things Cage is hand made in Durango, CO out of Titanium and weighs about as much as a Christmas card. Speaking of which, the Many Things Cage makes a great gift for the bikepacker, bike tourer, or otherwise bike-adventure seeking person in your life. 

Arundel Looney Bin

Generally one carries water bottles on one's bike, but Ben likes to think outside the box. Travel mug, Nalgene bottle, a burrito— even a bottle of vino. There's not much that doesn't fit inside of this nifty adjustable "bottle" cage. "The Arundel Loony Bin is THE BEST item in the shop," according to Ben, who recommends giving it to anyone who owns a bicycle. 

Blackburn 2'Fer Bike Light

The Blackburn 2'Fer is a go-to gift from Drew, who wants his biking loved ones to be seen by cars. This little light packs a good punch—it clips on clothing or straps to a bike frame, it's small enough to stash in a pocket, and it illuminates in red or white making it interchangeable on the front or rear. 

Fender by Mucky Nutz

Your loved one's bum will stay dry when you gift them this snap on fender. Wilson is giving it to everyone he knows for two reasons: one, it is inexpensive, and two, this simple design that slides into a backpack in case of emergency is outrageously practical. If you've been giving your family ever-utilitarian wool socks for the holidays, it is time to upgrade to Mucky Nutz fenders! 

Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes

Brian has been super busy but we finally squeezed in a picture with his gift pick, and what a phenomenal suggestion: Five Ten's Free Rider Pro flat shoe! In his professional opinion it's the best model Five Ten makes with the perfect combination of everything, which is great because it's far from the most expensive option at $150.

Five Ten also makes climbing shoes, so the soles of the Pro's have technology informed by years of rock climbing design. The result, Brian says, "is a flat shoe that feels and performs like you're clipped in." Lot's of mountain bikers are going back to flats or change consistently between flats and clipless, these are the shoe they need! What's more, we have plenty of folks who ride flat pedals on their gravel, road, or commute bike and are in search of a shoe that will help provide support and performance without clipping-in. Definitely consider the Freerider Pros for all flat pedal needs! 

Five Ten Freerider Pro - Women's

Five Ten Freerider Pro - Men's


Polka is incredibly sophisticated yet down to earth, so when he points out that getting some socks is a quintessential holiday experience, then we know it's the truth! People don't love buying socks for themselves but adults always love receiving socks, especially when they are a pair with a special, funky, or poignant theme... such as fishing socks for Polka. In fact, the moment the fishing socks came in, one of our colleagues got them as a gift for Polka, instantly! We have a wide range of cycling socks ranging from the classic Swiftwik black to the fun and absurd. Marino wool or light weight Lycra. 

The only thing to note is it may be better to pop in and check out our sock wall for full sock selection because our entire offerings are not actually on our webstore... yet!

Assos Bibs or Shorts

If you've tried Assos bibs, you know that it's hard to go back to anything else. Widely considered the best bibs in the world, they are also the kind of thing that people might not buy for themselves (they're not cheap).

So, really—how amazing could an Assos bib be? Beth is here to tell you that Assos is head and shoulders above the rest. "The chamois is AMAZING and for the long rides, they’re the only ones I trust." Everything from Assos is designed in Switzerland and constructed with magic materials by fairies—magic materials that just so happen to out-last every other Lycra on the market. "These bibs don't stretch out over time or get thin and see-through, and the chamois doesn't pack down, even after many hundreds of miles." And did we mention the fit? There are no restrictive leg bands here. “They feel wonderful to wear and they look great on the body," which is not something you often hear about cycling bibs. "They are the ultimate gift!"    

Assos Bibs and Shorts

Oakley Sunglasses

Brian is here to recommend Oakley glasses, and as our expert bike buyer you can trust any gear recommendation from him. Riding without glasses just doesn't make sense, you need them to keep bugs, wind, sun, and debris out of your eyes and ride safe. Why Oakley? "Because they are the coolest".

Oakley Sunglasses

Stan's No Tubes Valve Core Remover

Valve cores are notorious for getting stuck with tubeless sealant and a valve core remover takes the valve out quickly in spite of being stuck in what is basically glue. Tom has removed far more than his fair share of valve cores in his day and recommends the Stan's NoTubes Valve Core remover for the job. "It helps aid in a tubeless setup, and you can use it to straighten a bent valve on a tubeless or tubed bike. Rather than replacing tubes with bent and leaky stems, you can actually straighten out those stems and prolong the life of what you've got." Stan's Valve Core remover is compatible with all removable schrader and presta valves, and it's only $10. 

Bicycle Flat Tire Kit

Bill is back and building upon his previous multi-tool recommendation with the suggestion to go full gusto with a complete flat kit. 

Not riding with flat kit and a multitool is certainly a bold move that heavily tempts the gravitational pull of Murphy's Law. Being prepared to repair a puncture or slice while on a ride or commute keeps you rolling and is especially poignant for piece of mind. Bill commutes every day from Longmont to downtown Boulder (yes, even in the winter no matter the weather!!!) so he knows the bits of troublesome debris in the road that can occasionally make you late or extremely late depending on whether or not you have a flat kit. Check out our favorite accessories for a flat kit below.

Spare/Replacement Tube

Pedro's Tire Levers

CO2 Inflators

Frame Pump

Park Tool Patch Kit

Park Tool Emergency Boot Kit


Saddle Pack

Pedro's 9-Piece L Hex Wrench Set

"Pedro's wrenches are the gift that keeps on giving," says the founder of University Bicycles, Doug Emerson. And of course, he is right. With the Pedro's Hex Wrench Set, your loved one will be able to take pedals off with ease. They will adjust their own shifting, change their brake pads on time, swap out their bottle cages before every ride, and fill the house with Ikea furniture simply because it's so easy. Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far, but these hex wrenches come highly recommended for a reason. They are longer than many other sets, for one. The extra length easily reaches hard to reach places and enables more torque for, say, removing pedals. The ball end makes starting a bolt from an awkward angle a breeze. And because Pedro's makes tools to last a lifetime, these hex wrenches are constructed of heat-treated steel, so whomever you give them to can pass them down to their grandchildren. Doug wasn't kidding, Pedro's hex wrenches are an exceptional gift.

Pedro's 9-Piece L Hex Wrench Set

Maxxis Minion DHF

"It's a grippy, aggressive, confident tire that everyone loves," says Dave about the Maxxis Minion DHF. Dave is on to something here. Fresh rubber loaded with traction and durability with not too much of a weight penalty for all that grip? Yes, please! Indeed, the beloved Minion DHF falls into the category of outstanding stocking stuffers for mountain bikers. Perfect for front range foraging or escapades to the high country and desert, the Maxxis DHF is a front tire that is at home on almost any terrain. It pairs well with the Maxxis DHR (R stands for "rear"), in case you feel like gifting the set, and we stock both in 29" and 27.5". Let us know if you have compatibility questions. We are here for you.

Maxxis Minion DHF

Bicycle Pajamas

"Every bike that sleeps outside needs pajamas," says Peter. Bikes that live out in the elements come into our shop needing tons of work, so it's a good idea to protect them when they're parked on the side of your home at night. And besides, this particular set of "Bicycle Pajamas" from Kwik Stop is a multi-functional gift. "When you're not using it to tuck your bike in at night, you can string it up as a bikepacking shelter, or use it as a ground cloth or picnic blanket. The opportunities are endless!" Peter boasts of his favorite holiday gift. If you know someone whose bike lives outdoors: Bike Pajamas. 

Bicycle Pajamas Bicycle Cover

Dumonde Tech Classic Lite Chain Oil

It may seem kind of ridiculous to get someone chain oil for Christmas but every single bike uses it and considering how many squeaky chains we hear out and about, y'all need some oil! The Classic Lite chain oil from Dumonde Tech is Nick's favorite chain oil and an item, he says, should be in everyone's stocking. He recommends this specific oil because "it's the perfect medium of any chain oil, it can handle a bit of moisture but isn't thick or gloopy so it doesn't pick-up every piece of grit you pedal over". The Classic Lite chain oil is ideal for any bike whether a commuter or performance bike. A well cared for chain is the gift that keeps on giving!

Dumonde Tech Classic Lite Chain Oil

Lezyne Portable Micro Floor Pump

Who doesn't love a bit of gear that is super efficient, portable, and multi-functional!? Lezyne's pump looks like it may be a frame pump, in fact it's smaller than some frame pumps, but this nifty gadget is actually a small floor pump. Alex got one for his brother last year because it's great to keep in a car or a backpack, it's got a slick look, and the best part is this pump can reach higher tire pressures unlike many portable pumps. We don't know anyone who wouldn't want to add this to their gear!

Pearl Izumi Thermal Toe Covers

With a variant winter that comes and goes, every road cyclist, gravel grinder and mountain biker will appreciate these toe covers if they use a cycling shoe! Drew has these on his Christmas wish list, and he hopes everyone else who doesn't have them yet will receive the gift of toasty toes! With a thermal lining and slight wind block exterior, these Pearl Izumi toe covers have a big impact on keeping feet warm while not causing over heating. They're perfect for cloudy or sunny days from the 30s to low 60s. Easy to put on and take off they're an ideal apparel accessory for our seasons that change temperature every few minutes.

University Bicycles Beanies

"These just look good. They have great design," says the product-designer-to-be, Evan. Not only does Evan know a thing or two about design, he also knows a great gift when he sees it. You don't have to overthink this one—Evan assures that "a beanie is a great gift for anyone." Share a little piece of your favorite bike shop with someone you love. It really is that simple.

Shock Pump

Why does Evan insist on everyone owning their very own shock pump? A shock pump is one of those little things that can make a big improvement on one's experience on a mountain bike, but many people who mountain bike don't have one. Mountain bikes are engineered with painstaking detail, and optimal performance is designed around having a precise amount of pressure in the fork and shock, which requires tweaking to get just right. Evan recommends carrying a shock pump for a handful of rides, adding or subtracting tiny amounts of air until the suspension feels perfect. If you are wondering how the person who receives this will know how to use it to properly adjust their suspension, you can send them to us for free advice. That's what we're here for. In the meantime, trust Evan's recommendation on this one: Mountain bikers need shock pumps.

University Bicycles Adventure Drink Koozie and Alien Squeeze Horn

Roy loves silly and he knows silly things make great gifts, especially when they have a use. He recommends the Adventure Koozie because everyone has beverages to keep cool and the strap is an added bonus. He recommends the Sunlite Squeeze Horn (alien or otherwise) because they're great for a kid's bike, commuter, or even a mountain bike to clear the path, have some fun, and let everyone know where you are. The best part of these sillies? They're not too expensive! 

Wolf Tooth Valais Dropper Post Seat Bag Adaptor

"These days a lot of people have dropper posts,  most mountain bikes come with them even and a lot of those people riding are using or want to use a seat bag for a flat kit." Mike explains that if you know one of those people, "they need the Valais Dropper Post Adaptor to protect the seat bag strap from wearing through the coating on the seat post stanchion." It's a simple piece of hardware that not many people have but a lot of people need, the Valais protects a very expensive part from needing premature service or replacement. Grab one for yourself, and give one to your pals who ride mountain or even gravel bikes—they'll appreciate you for it.

Occam Designs Apex Strap

Denver based Occam Designs built the Apex Strap with simplicity in mind. It is Torin's pick for a holiday gift because the functionality payout from this bare bones device is high. The strap allows for a flat kit (tube, tire levers, CO2) to be tucked away on the bike frame, freeing up space in the hydration pack or seat bag. Thanks to the open-ended design, gloves or a small wind shell can be stuffed into the bundle too. Occam employed a Boa retention system to secure the whole shebang and it works great! This Apex Strap doesn't just hug the frame, once the Boa is fully engaged, it doesn't budge. "These days lots of people are curious about reinventing their bike storage systems," says Torin, "but they are hesitant to make the purchase because you never know if that new little gizmo is going to work. The Apex Strap is the highest quality and most reliable system I've seen, so it's a good place to start."

University Bicycles Caps

If the warmer beanies below aren't quite your style then why not pick up a University Bicycles Cap, which are Kyle's recommendation. He owns a few already and everyone has space for a new favorite hat! Hats are great—they block the sun, cover up a bad hair day, and accessorize an outfit. From Dad Hats to moisture wicking Tech Hats and the super popular Camp Hats, we've got you covered! 

Revelate Designs Mag-Tank 

Sam does not go for a single ride without his Mag-Tank top tube bag anymore. This awesome Alaska-made piece fits his flat kit, phone, snacks and his inhaler all at the readily accessible top-tube, right by the handle bars. The bag's design ensures knees don't get bothered during pedal strokes and the clip closure system is easy to access while moving, no zippers! It's always nice to have quick-grab necessities readily available while pedaling, at a stop light, or pulled over for a break. The accessibility is particularly important to Sam for his snacks and inhaler. The Mag-Tank is a durable every-day-use bag for every ride, long hauls, and bikepacking. Trust Sam, his gift recommendation comes from ample personal experience!

University Bikes Coffee Mug

Surely a universal human experience is the collection and delight in assorted coffee mugs from places you've been, things you like, images of cats. So Andrew's recommendation is to add to someone's collection. If others are like him then his rational is pretty sound: "I love coffee, I love collecting different mugs, our mug is a great size, and they always make great gifts." 

Pro tip: it can be fun to hide a lil' something else in the mug  like a fun pair of socks, a Ubikes gift card, or a bag of beans from one of our awesome local coffee or tea shops. 

ABUS Steel-O-Chain Lock

Lester chose this not-messing-around chain lock in honor of his beloved bikes that ride around town to do errands, most notably his electric-assist cargo bike. He always says "thieves look to see which bike has the weakest lock and steal that one" and this lock will make sure that does not happen! A German engineered lock is sure to be tough!

Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

They look like mini strips of bacon, but they're not something you can eat. These little brown things are actually plugs for a bike tire and something every tubeless-riding cyclist should carry. As essential as a spare tube, a 6-pack of plugs with an insertion tool could save your loved one from a long miserable hike home. This no-frills stocking stuffer recommended by Ben is small, inexpensive, and can easily plug a hole or slash in a tire in seconds. "Everyone who rides tubeless needs these," Ben says. In fact, they could probably use two (it's always nice to have a backup). So, if you are worried that the gravel or mountain biking enthusiast in your life already owns tire plugs, rest assured that another set will be greatly appreciated—you can never have too much bacon in your life!

SpurCycle Bell

Everyone's favorite bell at the shop, Ben describes this stunning accessory from Spurcyle as "bicycle jewelry." And he is right, it truly is beautiful. The Spurcycle bell is small, so it doesn't take up much space on handlebars, lending to a chic, minimalist aesthetic. It is made in the US, full metal, fits any bar dimension, and is built to last a lifetime. The Sprucycle bell also sounds wonderful and cannot be missed from other riders or pedestrians. Ben owns one and notes that he never thought a bike bell could sound so lovely. "It's a little nicety that someone might not buy for themselves, so it makes a perfect gift." 

Women's Bib-Shorts ("Bibs")

"Every woman in my family has been given a pair of bib shorts from me," Tyler states unapologetically. At first they complain a bit and claim they will never use them but he always gets them to try the bibs "at least just once"... and then it's a done deal. Tyler reports that bibs never fail to be a hit among family members, even if it takes a ride to truly convince. Bibs are widely regarded as the more comfortable version of bike shorts. Bibs stay in place better, take pressure off your abdomen, and allow the chamois to do a better job at what it's designed to do.  Many riders, particularly women, are afraid to take the plunge and buy a pair for themselves. They may have to take a jersey off to use the toilet but it's well worth it and there are many women's bibs designed with drop buckles.  Check them out!

King Cage Titanium and Stainless Steel Bottle Cages

Here's the deal: "You have to stay hydrated during a ride, so you should go for the best bottle cages around! They're handmade in Colorado, look amazing, and will last forever. They keep your bottle secure, but if they ever get loose or disfigured, you can just bend them back into shape." Kolby loves the stainless steel cage as an affordable, classy-looking bottle cage but he says you can get some extra style, weight, and durability points by going for the titanium. 

Specialized Seamless Base Layer

So what's the deal with base layers? Why not just wear another shirt? Ben Parsons is here to tell you that base layers are a game changer. You have probably heard about a base layer's powerful ability to pull moisture off of the skin, keeping the body cooler in warm weather and warmer in the cold, yadda yadda yadda. The point is, ''they WORK! It's miraculous!" says Ben, and the Specialized Seamless Base Layer makes an extraordinarily forgiving gift. It is super stretchy so you don't have to nail the size; if the person you love already has one, they'll be thrilled to have another; and if they don't have one, your gift will change their life forever. Ben likes this Specialized Seamless Base Layer because it is a delightfully soft merino blend with raglan sleeves designed to fit comfortably underneath other clothing.

Specialized Seamless Base Layer

Park Tool Pizza Cutter

When you ask Matt about his favorite holiday gift, he will tell you about the Park Tool Pizza Cutter. Why? It's the perfect merging of utilitarian and completely ridiculous. And as you would expect of anything designed by Park Tool, this pizza cutter works really well. A fun and useful gift for your bike friend! "Besides," says Matt, "what else would you get somebody?" 

Oveja Negra Chuckbucket

Kit loves and recommends the Oveja Negra Chuckbucket handlebar bag, and honestly everyone in the shop loves this quirky lil' bag. Kit particularly recommends the Chuckbucket as a great gift for its versatility, super durability, that it fits a Nalgene, and is even the perfect size for a Jetboil with fuel. She loves that it has pockets to carry your snack trash and last but not least... it's FUN!

Shimano IC5 Shoes

Anyone who has ever hopped on a trainer or gone to spin class knows that indoor cycling is hot and sweaty! The Shimano IC5 is an indoor cycling shoe designed around 180° of aeration, which comes as a huge relief when things heat up indoors. Dan is excited about these new shoes because they're light, incredibly breathable and they look great! He would get them for any indoor cyclist in a heartbeat. At just $125 and built for comfort, this shoe is an impressive gift for someone who indoor cycles, spins, or is just starting out on a bike. 

Specialized Aethos Expert

Not quite the size of a "stocking stuffer" but an incredible gift nonetheless. Brian Pierce says if someone you love is looking for a new bike, consider the all new Specialized road bike, the Aethos. He specifically loves the Expert build for its phenomenal value at $5,200 with full Ultegra. Brian has been working with bikes for a very long time and says: "It's a great road bike. In fact, it's probably the best bike Specialized has ever made—it even fits 32s!" The bike is light, nimble, efficient, fun, a great value, and according to Brian: "It's the best color too!" 

Park Tool Cyclone Chain Cleaner

Mike Pope likes the Park Tool chain cleaner because "it's super efficient and something you always kind of want but never want to buy for yourself," so it's a perfect gift! The tool cleans your drive chain really well, really quickly and "you don't even need any degreaser, just a bit of dish soap and water!" This gift is a great way to keep any bike in better condition. Just make sure to oil the chain after it is clean and dry. 

Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Knee Warmers

The quintessential road biking accessory, these Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Knee Warmers are recommended by Jocelyn "to avoid crunchy knees." You know that feeling when your knees are freezing but you keep riding with taught muscles and tendons anyway? Yikes! Help your loved ones take care of their joints and extend their riding comfort into colder weather. Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Knee Warmers are fleecy on the inside, have a reflective logo, and easily stash in a pocket making them perfect for those rides with  temperature changes (think bone chilling descents after a sweaty climb). No cyclist should be without this accessory! Thanks, Jocelyn!

K-Edge Computer Mounts

 Logan will always recommend a K-Edge computer mount for the cyclist who already has everything or for anyone who has invested in a nice computer (Wahoo, Garmin, etc). These mounts are specifically designed to be the most secure and durable option for pedaling on any terrain while keeping your computer screen visible and safe. Logan has used his K-edge mount for thousands of miles on bumpy gravel and fast paced tarmac and it has never failed. 

Feed Zone Table Cookbook

In Feed Zone Table, Chef Biju K. Thomas and sports physiologist Allen Lim, PhD (of Skratch Labs) take the guesswork out of flavorful and energizing meals to cook for a crowd or on a weeknight. They transform old favorites like Mac 'N Cheese and Pad Thai into party worthy dishes. The book offers page after page of wondrous world flavors like the stunningly simple Chicken Madras with Yogurt Sauce and Harissa. A crowd pleasing gift recommendation from Wilson, Feed Zone Table is a cookbook brimming with mouth watering recipes for healthy eaters who love food.

Feed Zone Table

Zefal 1L Bottle + Skratch

Ask Kyle what anyone needs to add to their gear and his answer will immediately be the Zefal 1 liter bottle. He's a well known hydration expert in the shop and is a fan of those long-haul rides so we trust him on all things nutrition and hydration. After taking a sweat test and discovering he sweats more than the average person Kyle loves to pair his Zefal liter bottles with Skratch Lab's Hyper Hydration Mix which has higher levels of sodium and electrolytes. These Zefal 1 liter bottles are for the cyclist who wants to ride longer and refill less. Paired with the greatest tasting hydration mix on the planet, any long haulin' or adventure ride cyclist will be ready for many sweet miles to come. 

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Dakine Hot Laps

Bergan loves the Dakine Hot Laps because "it fits pretty much everything and sometimes a jacket." This particular hip pack is truly a hot item (we only have a few left!) as its simple design wins both aesthetic points and functionality credentials. Perfect for a short mountain bike ride or gravel adventure the pack will fit your flat kit, snacks, and that jacket... depending on your snacking quantities.  Don't wait—these will go fast!

University Bicycles Gift Card!

Did you just realize it's December 23rd???

For the 14th night of Hanukkah we recommend a University Bicycles Gift Card!

We have lovely gift cards that can hold any value and be sent anywhere. We even offer free delivery for anything over $100 within Boulder City, so we can hand deliver the card with complementary and profuse apologies for being just the tiniest bit shpet.

Or we can mail the gift card and it will be a wonderful Gregorian New Year's gift. Ring in 2021 y'all... we're all  ready!

Specialized Prevail II

"Whenever someone asks me about a favorite piece of bike gear, without stipulations or context one of my answers, and possibly the first thing I think of every time, is the Specialized Prevail II helmet." It may seem puzzling as to why there is such a cost breadth on a piece of safety equipment that has to pass the same safety regulations as any other helmet. Gabrielle has worn a number of helmets over the years and putting the Prevail II on her noggin, even from the first moment "was the closest I have ever felt to Cinderella's glass slipper phenomenon." This helmet is indescribably comfortable in fit, especially for slightly narrow heads. Also, it's incredibly lightweight, which not only adds to the comfort but it significantly diminishes aches in the neck and shoulders from a heavy pull for the duration of a long ride on a drop bar bike. The final point in the comfort trifecta of the Prevail II is how aerated the helmet is while in motion. "It is actually cooler to have the helmet on your head than no helmet at all based on the incredibly well designed channeling of air," Gabrielle explains, which is especially key during our hot summer months. "$200 is a lot for a helmet, but it is the best helmet I have ever felt in my life. I actively love putting this helmet on my head", and what better time to treat someone to a nice piece of gear than a gifting holiday?!

Specialized Prevail II

University Bicycles Gift Card!

Out of ideas? Us too!!

If you are reading this then it's possible you're running just a bit last minute for Christmas shopping but that's ok! Because frequently a great gift is a gift someone gets to pick out themselves. 

We have lovely gift cards that can hold any value and be sent anywhere. We even offer free delivery for anything over $100 within Boulder City, so we can hand deliver the card just in time to make it into the stocking.

Or  mail the gift card and it will be a wonderful New Year's gift. Ring in 2021 y'all... we're all  ready!