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My New Favorite Adventure Buddy

Why I Love the Revelate Shrew 3L Seat Bag

Mia Huth  -  October 6, 2020

My love for the Shrew comes from my love of pack-free riding. Part of the joy of riding a bike for me is the feeling of flying. Strapping a hydration system on my back that also carries tools, food, and extra clothing just doesn’t have the same wild-and-free sensation that comes with riding without a pack. The Revelate Shrew allows me to bring the bare minimum or load up for an all day affair without having to swap bags. It doesn’t sway when stuffed to the brim, and it can be cinched down securely if the bag is nearly empty. Let me show you what I mean.

Out for a ride with the Revelate Shrew.
Here’s what’s inside: front light, patches and glue, multi-tool, tire plugs and threading needle, spare valve (just in case I get over zealous with the…), mini pump, CO2 and chuck, food bar, zip ties, first aid kit, rain jacket, neck gator.

Cinched down to hold a standard flat kit.
Here’s what’s inside: multi-tool, CO2 x 2 and chuck, tire plugs and threading needle, old fashioned patch kit, tire levers, 29er tube, mini pump.

Revelate Shrew with a fully belly.

Here’s what’s inside: rain jacket, bagel sandwich, CO2 and chuck, tire levers, mini pump, 22oz water bag, multi-tool, and there’s still room for the first aid kit!

Loaded up for a multi-sport day. (This move, by the way, pushed me over the edge from liking the Shrew, to absolutely adoring it.)

Here’s what’s inside: hat, neck gator, headlamp, multi tool, CO2 and chuck, mini pump, shorts, running pack. Shoes attach easily with plastic strap, and pulled tightly they don’t fly off!

The Shrew's minimalist design lends to its versatility and durability, making it a standout among seat bags. There are no zippers to break or Velcro to wear out, and Revelate's RevX-PAC abrasion resistant material is engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy backcountry use. The Shrew 3L comes in a number of colors and can be mounted with a dropper post without using any special doodad to make it work. You'll find the full specs below in the link to the product page. As always, give us a holler if you have any questions. Happy riding!           


When Mia isn’t diving down bike and gear rabbit holes, you will find her on self-propelled adventures in the great outdoors. Fueled by pocket sized pancake pb&j's, her sense of wonder is satiated in the big, wide landscapes of Colorado.