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Local Rides

Local Rides

All routes start from the shop.

Ride NameLengthElevation Gain
Park tour5.15254 Feet
Creek Path11.41194 Feet
Boulder Groad30.41059 Feet
Bike Park8.8319 Feet
Hygiene Loop34.41601 Feet
Marshall Mesa24.81251 Feet
Peak2Peak64.55509 Feet
Betasso (easier)20.83303 Feet
Betasso (harder)17.383071 Feet
Super Walker294717 Feet
Heil Ranch423817 Feet
Jamestown332423 Feet
Flagstaff112337 Feet
Lefthand Canyon504625 Feet
Avery Brewery15.5663 Feet
Chapman & Poorman16.52688 Feet
NCAR11998 Feet
Gold Hill Loop223323 Feet

Local Favorites

Boulder is a cycling mecca, and one of the most beautiful places in the world. The sheer number of cycling options can be overwhelming. Feel free to come in for free trail advice. Use this guide to find some of our favorite spots in town.