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Your bike fit should be a very unique and personalized experience.  Here at University Bicycles, we believe that each fit session should be tailored to your individual needs.

This is your fit – how can we help you make the most of it?

Qualified and ready to help

Our bike fit is a fluid process of joining a unique individual rider and an amazingly efficient machine.  The union of those two is different every time.  We give your fit session the time and space it needs to meet your specific goals.  There is no formula, machine or calculation to determine your ideal position.  Drawing on decades of experience and training, and using the best tools in the industry, we work with you and your bike to find the most harmonious union of the two based on your specific goals.  

Junior Fitters

Jason Gendil // Mechanic

Brian Perice // Mechanic

Brennan Mcginn // Buyer

Bike fit has been integrated into the foundation of University Bicycles.  Our bike fit perspective has informed our service department on both repairs and new bike builds.  It has influenced our buyers toward an inventory of effective ergonomic equipment.  Correct bike fit and sizing is a key element of every sales interaction at University Bicycles.

Amazing Service

I had a bike fitting with Jason and met with him several times.  I was so impressed with his skills/experience, his professionalism and thoroughness, and just as important, his whole attitude is so relaxing and welcoming” – Wendy P. 7/15/2016

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Have any questions?

If you have any questions on our fit department email us anytime.

What matters most to you?

We have worked with thousands of cyclists over the years and almost universally, midway through the fit process, people say “I should have done this years ago.”  Why wait?  Let us help you refine your bike fit position today!

During your fit session we will discuss any injury history or problem areas that affect your riding.  We will also assess your flexibility and range of motion to determine what role any limitation might play in your ideal position. Once on the bike, we work from the ground up to stabilize the foundation of pedaling by giving the foot and ankle the support and position it needs to pedal most efficiently.  We work up to the the saddle width, shape, design and position to establish the best biomechanical position for you.  Then we discuss the possibilities for the front end of the bicycle like handlebar position, shape, height and posture.  We also evaluate all functional adjustments for brake lever reach and shifter position for optimum placement.


Our fit experience is without an agenda.  Our fit session is tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Cutting Edge Tools

Precision Guided Assistance

We integrate classic bike fit measurement tools with the most up to date Motion and Video capture software from Retul to help you interact with and understand the dynamics of bike fit and positioning.  We record and archive all fit work for future reference and each fit client receives a digital record of the final measurements and the work done during the fit session.

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