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Mavic XA 35 27.5-inch Front

Mavic XA 35 27.5-inch Front
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When you're tackling a tough new line or trying to clean a technical climb, your wheels and tires play a critical role. They are your connection to the trail, the conduit that turns your energy, control, and skills into forward motion.

We engineered the XA35 to make the most of your efforts—and also to optimize tire performance on rugged terrain. They are built on wide (35mm), asymmetric rims that are lightweight but also dependable and strong. Built with a sleeved design, they feature our UST technology, so it's easy to enjoy the benefits of tubeless tires, including better control and traction along with a reduced risk of punctures. Straight pull spokes (24 front and rear) save weight without sacrificing strength or durability. We've also fine-tuned the hubs and power transfer with our new ID 360 freehub, which is Boost-compatible.

Added confidence and control on the trail.
- Wider rim allows more air volume in the tire for better comfort
- Straight-pull spokes reduce weight while ensuring optimal stiffness and reliability.

Better comfort and traction, plus a reduced risk of punctures.
- UST Tubeless Ready design makes it easy to experience the benefits of riding without tubes.
- Wheelset comes with UST tubeless valves and rim strips.

Experience the performance of innovative Mavic technologies.
- Straight-pull spokes
- New ID 360 freehub and lightweight sleeved rim design

Tubeless technology

Going tubeless allows you to run lower tire pressures without the added weight of a tube. Lower tire pressure has many benefits, including greater traction, lower rolling resistance over rough surfaces, and decreased risk of a puncture-related flat.

Tubeless-ready rims and tires are parts of a complete system that eliminate the need for tubes by creating an airtight chamber between the rim and tire. Liquid sealant is added to the chamber to fill small punctures and maintain air pressure while you ride.

UST (Universal Standard for Tubeless) is a specific type of tubeless system that dictates the shape of the rim and tire beads. UST rims should be paired with UST-specific tires for best results.


Rim XA 35, S6000 Aluminum, Hookless profile, UST Tubeless
Brake Compatibility Disc IS 6-bolt
Axle 110 x 15mm thru-axle
Hub Aluminum body, QRM+ bearings
Spokes Steel, straight pull, round
Spoke Count 24
Lacing 2-cross
Inner Rim Width 35mm
Outer Rim Width 38mm
Valve Type Presta
Extras Tubeless rim tape, UST valve and accessories, User guide

* Subject to change without notice.