Welcome to Boulder, Colorado, USA

Boulder is home of some of the world’s most iconic bike rides, companies, and communities. We would love to share some of the wonderful sights and rides that our area has to offer. We’ve been doing rentals here in town for over 30 years now and pride ourselves in offering the best rental experience the world has to offer. We will take care of you from start to finish – reservations, bike set up, and ride routes!  We also know the best spots for post ride coffee, beer, and food.


Ride it before you buy it.

Our Demo Program is designed to help you decide on the right bike before you buy it!  We make an effort to have the best bikes available for you to ride before you pull the trigger on your next new bike.This program allows you to demo up to 3 bikes on your favorite rides to see how each bike will perform.  We will reimburse three 24-hour demos within three months of your purchase.

Traveling with a bike?

If you’re planning on leaving town for another cycling destination we are here to help. We now rent a bike bag for transport. If you don’t want to fly with your bike we can also box & ship your bike instead. If you’re coming into Boulder from elsewhere with a bike we can receive and unbox bikes as well.

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