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We accept the Colorado E-Bike Tax Credit!

Boulder and Colorado E-Bike Incentives

E-Bike Tax Credit

A State of Colorado e-bike tax credit will be available to Coloradans starting on April 1, 2024.
After this date, Coloradans will get a $450 discount off of a qualifying e-bike purchase at University Bicycles.


How do I qualify?

All Colorado residents are able to get the Colorado e-bike tax credit discount.

What do I need to bring to U Bikes?

We need a Form DR 0514 and a valid Colorado ID from you at the time of purchase.

What bikes qualify?

All e-bikes sold by University Bicycles qualify for the tax credit.

What if I have a state or city voucher from the previous program?

Congrats! The tax credit and voucher will stack. The purchased bike must adhere to the voucher requirements.

Can I combine more than one tax credit?

No, the tax credit is $450 for one person to purchase one bike.

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We tried to cover the basics for ya! If you want all the details, click the link!

State of Colorado E-Bike Tax Credit Official Page