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University Bicycles Elgin Bike Tee
The 1936 Elgin "Robin” is a true snapshot of the era. This University Bicycles Antique Collection Tee captures the bike's style and the airship that inspired it. Text on back: A bicycle made for people who wanted to cruise in style. A Zeppelin inspired top tube tank and full fenders created this artful piece of cycling history. One of the many bicycle companies in the Chicagoland area, Elgin made bikes from 1890 to the early 1940's.
University Bicycles Metal Tee
Yo. That's so metal.
University Bicycles Classic Tee
Our classic t-shirt which has seen print iterations and various colors over the years but remains great. Our crew inside the shop wear them frequently and we see them all around town, nation wide, and even internationally.
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