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It's That Time of Year...

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We will be rolling out a series of gift recommendations in themed sets. Our selections are for a rider who may already have A LOT of gear. These are the pieces that have made us excited this year or have us replacing our personal set-up. Check back to see our latest releases!

Mountain Biking:


Stan’s Darts are the easiest and most effective way to plug a large hole in a trail tire, so they’re perfect for mountain bikers riding tubeless. Not only does a repair with a Stan’s Dart tire plug keep you rolling, it could also save your tire—just keep that Dart in there and your tire will have as much life left as it did before the puncture (good for the Earth and the wallet!). Stan’s Darts are designed to plug holes larger that 5mm in any tubeless tire, so they’re great to carry on all of your mountain, road, and gravel rides. An added bonus is the tool can be refilled with m ore "darts" (plugs) which gives the piece a long life and a touch of sustainability. 


Most of us are familiar with hydration hoses flopping around on rides. They unclip or the tiny magnet is simply not up for the job. Thule has solved the problem of the flailing hydration hose by extending a six inch, cloth covered, magnet along the length of both the hose and hip belt. This makes for a lot of pull to guide the hose back into place after drinking and keep it there until you needed again.

This design is unique to the Thule Rail hip pack 4L, which comes with a 1.5L bladder. What all of Thule’s hip packs have in common is a hyper comfortable fit, courtesy of a slightly elastic waistband, and smartly placed pockets to stash everything. Impeccable fit combined with Thule’s detail oriented designs makes for one of the most innovative hip packs on the market.


The do-it-all Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch functions far beyond the numbers of a ride. Like any high-end cycling computer, the Garmin Fenix 6 offers speed, distance, elevation, maps and the ability to follow uploaded courses. Unlike a bike computer, however, the Garmin Fenix 6 naturally transitions to skiing, running, swimming, climbing, the gym, or anywhere you want to go (it even can download golf courses and be a wrist size caddy). With weeks of battery life (yes, WEEKS), the Fenix 6 can be used as a regular watch at your office job, and you’ll be ready for an adventure whenever you decide to press START. 


These days there is a bounty of straps, bags, and gizmos to choose from. We happen to think Occam's is phenomenal. Don't let the low profile design mislead you, this accessory looks simple but boasts impeccable design, engineering, and trial. Occasionally folks say the price of the Apex is high. We like to highlight the quality of technical material used,  precise design, and that Apex are hand made in Denver (buy local folks!). 

This Apex Strap doesn't just hug the frame, once the Boa is fully engaged, it does not budge; plus, thanks to the open-ended design, gloves or a small wind shell can be stuffed into the bundle along with a full flat kit.  Don't forget the Strap comes in a multitude of colors or patterns to make it a bit more personal. 



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